Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Santa Visit...2010

Santa reading the letter Jadon wrote him this year...was so precious! His little cursive writing all fancy telling him "i am trying to be good" and listing a few of the top wishes this year! I swear he wants everything he sees on tv!
Jadon & Santa- Holiday Season 2010
4 1/2 yrs old
Love that smile!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jadon!

Rocket Decorating
Rocket Blasting!

Moon cake
Happy Birthday Big Boy... Mom and Dad are so proud of you and the little boy you are becoming! xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surprise Santa Visit...

No Santa didn't come in Feb... Just late in putting this pics up! This was the best surprise I have pulled off in a long time! My memories of Christmas Eve are going to Kollars's house with many of the families I grew up with. Santa always came and surprised us with a gift. This year was our first year doing Christmas at our house and I wanted Jadon to start having some traditions of his own. Santa came after dinner on Christmas Eve and delivered Jadon's rocket! He was shocked and so was everyone else! It was a great Christmas for all of us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am a bad blogger...that's all I can say! No excuses...

Let's see if I can add a few updates!
Jadon... loves his friends and going to school, needs constant friends and "special" adventures to keep him happy. He is amazing Jason and I with his zest for learning new things. He is big into telling us letters he see's and telling us what the beginning and ending sounds are of words, writing his name and letters and drawing very cute pictures of happy faces (Dad is a pirate, I have big eyelashes) On the flip side, he is the KING of whining, negotiation and hates eating anything remotely healthy! We are spending a lot of time at Turtle Park, preschool science classes, playdates and Children's Musesum.... Geeks took us to a Coyotes hockey game a few weeks ago. I love this pic of them!

We just got back from a quick trip to San Diego over the holiday weekend. Jadon asked me if we could go back this morning. He wants to ride their trolley/light rail thing so bad! He cried when we were going home. He is so funny-stubborn and opinionated these days!! We spent Valentine's Day at the beach making friends with all the kids, building tracks in the sand and getting splashed by HUGE waves! It was such a treat to spend the weekend there. Thanks Aunt Jeannie!! We had a blast. Promise to post pics soon! :) (in a few months!), work, season- that's about all! We did manage to squeeze in date night last weekend. We went to The Mission for his favorite Smokehouse Margarita. I had the 5 Chile Soup and it was to-die-for. The chips, the salsa, the table side guac... yum!
Me...hmm...I'm just trying to keep up with my boys and loving every ordinary and extraordinary day!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Petunia the Class Pig

Jadon and Petunia (Mrs. Seabreeze's Class Pig)
Petunia the Pig came home with us today, which means we have the whole weekend to have adventures with her! I'm sure it will be fun! So far Petunia and Jadon went to lunch at Marley's after school, watched cartoons in the afternoon while I baked Brownie Lollipops for a babyshower tomorrow and tonight we took Petunia on our drive around to look at lights! Now they are snuggly in bed with Lamby! Since Jadon is sleeping with Christmas lights on in his room, I thought I'd probably be safe to go in and snap a quick photo!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Santa...

O.k. so I'm totally going to work on posting on my blog more! I am such a slacker! I promise I will work on it!!!

Last week we went and did Santa pictures with Amy, Connor and Elizabeth! It was so much fun...our tradition of going to Arrowhead Mall to see Santa continues. The awesome part is that it is the SAME Santa every year... So I have 4 years of Santa pictures with the same set and the same Santa! I love it...and love seeing how Jadon has changed each year.

This year I was able to get him to wear a nice shirt...and a belt! Whoa...this is big for my boy who insists on wearing camo with his "Redbird" Cardinals jersey 24/7...and when he isn't in that-he wants to wear these green shorts with a rockin' orange shirt and socks pulled up to his knees! Awesome!!

What I loved this year was listening to his conversation with Santa. It was so priceless... And just went I thought he couldn't get any cuter he sat on the floor at home that night and "wrote" a letter to the big guy in red.

It went something like this... (I was listening and typing it out on my iphone so I could remember it forever!!!)

Dear Santa,

How's the North Pole? I've been a good boy. You can come to my house. Watch out for the booming things and the tumbleweeds. I'm in Litchfield Park on Colter St.
Tonight we put the letter in our Santa mailbox... Santa is writing back tonight and reminding Jadon to stay on the good list by being a good boy! One of our neighbors is giving Jadon that book "Elf on a Shelf" I've heard its so much fun...can't wait to read it.

Jadon is so much fun right now! Well actually not so much right now as he is a little sicky...but usually he has been a lot of fun! He's totally into playing Santa. He pretends to sleep, while I put things from around the house under his tree and then he wakes up all surprised! Then we switch and we pretent to be asleep. He loves all the Christmas decorations. The snow globes are his favorite, and the candy cane reindeer, the silly singing decorations are a close in the top 3. All these singing decorations and most of the snow globes were my Moms. It makes me so happy to have them around the house during the Holidays.

Still obsessed with Curious George...lovin' Curious George's Merry Christmas and games. Loves his preschool class and cried buckets when he couldn't go today b/c he has a fever :( We decorated his room with his camo "boy" tree and lights all around the room's chair rail. It's a bribe to get him to stay in his room and sleep all far its working pretty well!
Jason and I are so looking forward to spending Christmas in our house for the VERY first time EVER!!!!! It only took 7 years to happen, but...whatever! We are excited!!! This year we're having our annual Progressive Dinner in the neighborhood and we're hosting the Main Course. Martha Stewart herself is cooking dinner...J/K!
Happy Holidays everyone...I promise I'll post again before Christmas!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mexico...The first 24 hours...

beer...that is all I can get to upload on this computer...I'll put the rest of the pictures on Facebook I think. Happy Birthday Abbey Krause! Can't believe you are 15 today!!