Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Pics...the last 2 weekends...

We took Jadon to see his D'backs on Easter Sunday. He HAD to buy himself this batting helmet, which now is a crucial element in his t-ball games down at the grass. He and this little boy had fun together, but we didn't last too long in our seats. In the 3rd inning they advertise the "sandlot" area and its all over when he sees that on the too much Easter Candy that day had him pretty wired. He was more into the game when we sat in our seats the time before...these seats didn't have a good view of the game to really hold his attention...well and let's face it...the seats in the 2nd level have service. btw...if you go up there I suggest trying the new healthy salmon's seriously yummy!
Jadon and Uncle Ryan (with his Easter Lamb) who now has the name Lucy....Lucy and Lamby...don't leave home without them... Ryan has a funny picture of Jadon he took on his camera phone at the game on his is the link:

Jadon got 3 Easter from the Bunny first thing in the morning (but Dad was gone) so then the 2nd basket Dad brought in when he got home from work. This one is from Grandma Kate & Grandpa Rashid. It had little balls in it, which Jadon thought were pretty fun. The way to the boy's heart is with some kind of a sports ball...hmmm.... I don't have a pic, but Jadon got a 3rd basket a few days after when my Dad and Ellen brought him a McQueen bucket full of goodies like a bunny on a bicycle with JELLYBEANS and a Hot Wheels Motorcycle (still a fan favorite after a week!) What a lucky boy to get so spoiled!

Here is Jadon with his "loot" from the morning egg hunt. He got lots of money in his eggs, put most of it in his piggy bank, but did buy a cool rocket from the dollar section at Target.
I took Jadon to Disney On was the story of The Incredibles saving Disneyland from Incredi-boy and his "pincher" thing. Jadon becomes "Dash" every now and then and he was completely speechless the whole first half. His favorite part was when Buzz Lightyear blasted through the air and there were planets up on the roof. Buzz and Dash went through Space Ranger training. We had the most amazing seats...2nd row on the ice. It was a last minute thing to take him, but he loved it and it kept him busy and distracted on the last weekend of tax season, when Daddy was REALLY busy.

Jadon met a new friend at the end of tax season was love at first sight as he shared his glow sticks, stretchy snakes and Curious George whiteboard markers with her. By the end of the night he wanted his stuff working on the whole concept of sharing. But just like his cousin Alli he loves his collections of "stuff" and the stretchy snakes are REALLY exciting.

We (Jason, Gee-gu aka Uncle Ryan and I) took Jadon to NASCAR...he loved every minute...the pit crews, the people (whoa...seriously...interesting people out there), the cars, the noise, the shopping (2 new NASCARS), the treats and especially the sparks of "FIRE CAME OUT" when the cars made the turns. We stayed for 75 laps, until the high from ice cream was too much for the 3 of us to handle. Plus we needed to get back to the car before the sugar wore off and the "hit the wall" sugar crash happened.
This week we're getting ready for our trip to Little Rock for my cousin Charlie's wedding. Jadon's really excited to be going on a trip! We'll be there over his 3rd...yes 3rd Birthday on the 24th. We plan to spend the day at the Little Rock Zoo. I can't believe that he is going to be 3...he has big plans to be a big boy very soon, which maybe I'll get to post about soon. This many plans include:getting married to Pilar (next door neighbor girl), going to school, riding on a bus, getting his 2nd cousin's Luke Big Boy McQueen bed and a whole slew of other things.... He has already got this big boy party started by wearing what he calls "Big Boy" Shoes... Daddy bought him flip flops. They had to be a size 12/13 so his fred flinstone foot would fit under the straps. Walking in them is a learning process...and we're learning. If I could remember to charge my camera battery I might have a picture soon of the big boy in his big boy shoes... oh yeah...and the shoes aren't camo (I know...I'm shocked too) They have FIRE on them!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th...Ode to Tax Season's Finale-In Honor of Daddy!

So today is April 15th...its a day that is pretty important in our house! It's the day of the tax deadline and for us that means that Daddy (Jason) won't be spending extreme hours at the office anymore. Most people probably don't like this day b/c they have to send their checks in to Uncle Sam...but for us it's a day we countdown to, circle on the calendar and talk about a lot!

Jadon tells everyone he meets this...seriously every teacher at the gym childcare knows his story and today he announced this to the cashier at Target and his friends at Starbucks..."Tax Season is ALMOST over! and afterwards we're going on an adventure to Little Rock, Arkansas and then it's going to be my birthday-and I'm having a party at the train park with all my friends!!!"

When Jason and I were dating/engaged I got little hint of what tax season might be like, but I was very busy with my teaching job in Kyrene and doing my masters. Jason's aunt Jeannie, instructed me on being a "tax-wife widow" and the first few years we were married with no kids, I kept myself busy with teaching, scrapbooking and cardmaking.

I have to admit that this year has been a little challenging as its hard to rationalize with an almost 3 year old about why Daddy has to work so much. Jadon has really missed his Daddy home days the past few months and the past few month or so, he's really missed his nighttime play sessions with Dad. But like most things he's taking it all in stride. Tonight, we'll celebrate the end of another tax year with the other employees and families. It will be quite the celebration.

And so in Honor of Jason...I want to say how proud we are of what an amazing husband and father you are and know how hard this time of year is on you! How I can't quite fathom how you function on 4 hours of sleep and put in 90+ hour work weeks...your work-ethic and determination is pretty amazing! We've missed you a lot and we know you've missed us too! We love you!!

This post wouldn't quite be the same if I didn't also say a few funny things that Jadon's come up with the past few weeks... Jason's back often bothers him when he works so many hours and at times when he comes home he lays around on the couch with his heating pad (and usually falls asleep...) So one day Jadon tried to negotiate taking a nap on the couch and told me "But Mom! my back hurts!" One day at naptime he also tried to pull this "Sorry, Mom...I just have to go back to work" and tried to tell me that he was "working" in his playroom. You can see a general theme here of trying to avoid his nap...but that's a whole other post!

Hope it's a Happy April 15th for most of you...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

Jadon and I celebrated Opening Day a little bit early on Saturday...we wanted to go to Opening Day today, but didn't want to go without our Dad! Jason & I have actually been to every Opening Day since 2002 and have all the "commemorative pins" but I guess this year they were giving away t-shirts, not pins...oh-well... They were playing their last Spring Training game vs. the White Sox at Chase Field. Daddy had to work (only 8 more days of tax season left...we aren't counting down or anything...) so Jadon and I went for a little "adventure". Here is my photo diary... Checking out the new gear at the Team Shop...must have soft ball & bat...we're still sporting the camo gear almost everyday! New favorite t-shirt with BAXTER!!!

Wow...Chase Field is amazing...Sitting in Grandpa John's new seats...Sec 211, Row 5, 17 & 18

Found Mom & Dad's brick!

Hard to see, but Jadon is sitting by our wedding brick! Got a new shirt for joining the No Chew Club...and got free kids tickets for Sunday games and some other D'backs Kids Club Prize, which we didn't stand in line for...

Jadon's guess is 12...gotta work on those estimation skills
Things I would like to remember about the day...
*Driving down Jefferson St., Jadon asks "Is this the New York City?" He was in awe of the big buildings, which is funny b/c it isn't the first time he has been downtown, but I think it was more of the view that we were driving into the buildings that really amazed him!
*How totally fascinated Jadon was with the parking garage and that it was just like his garage at home...and when I found a good spot, he announced "Great Job finding Rock Star Parking Mom!"
*How Jadon made friends with everyone next to, behind and in front of our much?
*How completely interested Jadon was with the game & who the "thrower" of the ball was...wanting to know every players name on the Jumbo-Tron... what position they played... when the music was coming on again ?, cheering for the Relish Hot Dog...trying to find Baxter the Bobcat...and repeating EVERYTHING the man behind us yelled..."Come on!" "Strike him out!" "Get there!" "Watch the ball!"
*That is took Jadon about 10 seconds to remind me that there is a really cool playground with a "neat" slide at the ballpark (that was the 4th/5th inning stretch and potty break...)
*Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" yes...we made it until the 7th inning stretch!
*That we CAN'T WAIT to go back to Chase Field with our Daddy...very, very soon!!