Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What are you Thankful for?

It's a popular question to ask this week? I hope that there are many things you can be thankful for in your life....We (Jason, Jadon and I) have many blessings that we are thankful for...too many to list so I'm just going to focus on one.

When the whole "ra-ra" of the election was going on and everyone was going crazy about Joe the Plumber, Jason said "Its too bad there aren't more people in this world like our Garbage Man." If you asked Jadon I think he would say one of the things he is thankful for is his buddy. So here is my special ode to Javier....We are very thankful for the time you take out of your day to make our little guy's day special!

Shortly after Jadon's 1st birthday he developed a total obsession with all trucks, especially the garbage truck. We are lucky that the garbage man comes to our house on Wednesdays and Saturdays...double the fun! So in the mornings we would wait for the roar of the truck to come down the street and watch as the trash can was lifted into the big truck. Life at our house stops when the garbage man is coming, breakfast stops, playtime stops...the world is put on hold for this moment! We can always tell when its our "buddy" coming down the street b/c of his bright yellow shirt!

Sometimes we make our buddy cookies or muffins, a cupcake from Jadon's 2nd birthday.... Somedays Javier stops to say hello, somedays its just a few waves and a thumbs-up. The pictures below are from a funny day when Jadon couldn't stop to put pants on to see his buddy (check out the Route 66 underwear!) We've gotten to know Javier and even when it is dark outside or early, he would always beep his horn for Jadon. Then, he pretty much taught Jadon how to do "thumbs-up" and that is their special way of saying hello.

The bad thing is that sometimes we have a different garbage man, a not so friendly guy who doesn't wave and doesn't even acknowledge this waving maniac in the driveway. It makes Jadon sad and of course when his whole day is ruined and he says "It wasn't my buddy...." it pretty much crushes our day too. But recently, we're bringing that not so friendly guy around and sometimes he looks our way or does a little wave. Jadon's learned that he is a "different buddy" and the day can go on... Phew!!! Tomorrow is garbage day and I'm hoping that Javier will be coming down the street before we leave for Havasu so we can give him a card and a small gift to let him know how thankful we are for him!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello Mr. C...

Today we had our 3rd annual Santa picture day with Amy, Connor and Baby Elizabeth at Arrowhead Mall. Here is a little flashback for everyone...

The first year Jadon and Connor were just little tykes. That year Amy and I waited forever in line and just when we got to the front of the line... "Sorry, It's Santa's Lunchtime!" a little elf told us. Yikes...what to do? Needless to say we got our picture and we learned our lesson about planning our time correctly around Santa's lunch! Who is this little guy??

Jadon and Santa
Christmas 2006
The next year was a whole other story... Amy was put on bedrest while pregnant with Baby Elizabeth in November 07. We couldn't miss our Santa pictures... so with both carseats in Jason's Tahoe, a special Elf named "G" to be our helper, a borrowed wheelchair for Amy and double-stroller for Connor and Jadon we made it to the mall. The kids were a little un-sure of Santa that year, Connor cried and Jadon was just in a daze. The "adventure" came on the ride home when Amy gave Jadon and Connor a snack. As we were driving down the 101, rushing to get Connor home for his nap b/c he was falling asleep...Jadon sticks a raisin up his nose and starts freaking out trying to get it out, but pushing it further up. Luckily I was able to pull the raisin out with a pair of tweezers when we got to Amy's house. Note to self...Jadon + Raisins = A BAD idea! I really laugh looking at how chubby he looks in his face and the poor kid had no pants that would fit around his belly and be the right length. These poor overalls were obviously too short...
Jadon and Santa
Christmas 2007
And so that brings us to today... The mall was empty. We were the 2nd people in line. All children are healthy and happy. Jadon is going crazy for the "set" with trains and hanging presents and trees. He jumps right up on Santa's lap to proclaim " I like your beard" "I like your belt" "Nice-choo-choo Santa, can I get in?" And had a whole conversation with him that went a little like... "I have a list, I want a lifter with a remote control (its at Bashas in their toy section Santa!) and I want a Hummer like my Dad's with a tire on the back, ok?" "I like the Polar Express" "How are your reindeer?" To which Santa told him the reindeer were up in Flagstaff, but not in the North Pole yet. Hmmm?? Picture time. I tell him "Make your nice smile" And here you go...
Such a big boy this year. Yes, so big that we stopped in to see how his shoes were fitting and yikes...his feet have grown a whole size since August. Now he is a 10XW (that's extra-wide people...) New shoes from Stride-Rite click here to see a picture and then off to catch up with our friends at Gymboree where Amy got cute bows for Elizabeth's pigtails. Jadon's favorite thing at the mall was the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, we had to stop there twice! Now this is on Jadon's Christmas list as well...please no one buy this for him...I'm just sharing b/c it is funny! Will post some more candid shots of the day soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have lots of "stuff" to say on my blog...it's been a while since I've had time to post anything besides pictures!

I feel like my house is always a mess and I'm always putting away "stuff", giving away "stuff", cleaning "stuff", throwing away "stuff" and yet I never make any progress... What is the deal with this? Does anyone else feel this way? Is this an un-avoidable issue for those with children? Maybe I should not let it bother me so much, but sometimes it just...you know...makes me feel a little bit crazy! Like the fact that b/c Jadon's been sick this past week I have literally spent days bleaching and cleaning all his toys...like his hundreds of little cars and trains that he totes around with him. I've put away a ton of his toys and he hasn't even seemed to notice, so can I just get rid of them? Currently all he cares about are his wooden railroad tracks and trains, but tomorrow it might be all about cars or building with his Lincoln Logs. If you have any insight on my issues with "stuff" please feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear what you think!

I won't discuss the "stuff" coming out of Jadon's nose this past week, but you can get the picture when I say we've been through about 5 boxes of tissues in the last 7 days. It was weird, he was really acting fine, no fever, playing, active...but coughing a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday night. He went to the Dr. on Thursday (couldn't get in on Wed.) and had fluid in both ears, so a double ear infection was on the way and bronchitis. He's on antibiotcs now and they gave us a script for a steriod for his cough. The steriod (like Dimetapp) made him literally insane. He turned into a different child, so needless to say 3 days of that was enough for all of us! Hopefully this round of antibiotics will kick whatever he has and we can go on to being healthy again!

When Jadon doesn't feel good all he wants to do is watch T.V and movies. He is SO into Curious George right now...I'm going to start dreaming about the man with the yellow hat! Yikes!!! But we did manage to mix it up a little bit one night and we watched The Polar Express movie with him for the first time. He is way into trains right now, so it was super exciting. He loved the parts when the train was flying up and down the tracks and when it was "slippery" on ice. He was yelling at the movie "don't you know you are supposed to stay on the track!!!" Hysterical! He was also especially moved by the magic ticket in the movie, how the little boy lost it and then found it again. The magic bell...oh that was the topper of excitement! A few days later, he saw in a Target Toy Catalog a picture of The Polar Express book. He totally was going crazy and when I was able to magically bust out my copy of this book from the boxes of books aka "stuff" under my guest beds...I was Mommy Hero for the day. One of my most favorite students ever, Dani, gave me this book for Christmas one year. I read it at my "Milk and Cookies Night" for my students and then gave them a special bell. Jadon wants a bell really bad...so maybe a special ringing bell will be in his future very soon!

Currently I'm packing "stuff" to get ready to go to Lake Havasu for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Wednesday. We are all looking forward to seeing The Atlanta Shufelts and everyone else too! Jadon is so excited to go to Grandpa John's...he wants to go NOW! He's mentioned going to check out Denis's tractor and can't wait to play with Luke. I'm excited because I love cooking for Thanksgiving and trying out new things. Here is the link to the recipe I'm going to test out... Apples, Bourbon, Butter, Sage, Maple Syrup & Bacon. I'll be sure to report how it goes over with the crowds in Havasu. I used to make a pumpkin dessert each year, but I'm not sure if/what dessert I might make. There are so many options out there its hard to pick!

I have like a million magazines to look at, but I couldn't wait to look at my December Martha Stewart. The baking, decorating and homemade gift thoughts going through my head are insane. I'm currently wishing I had a mantle to decorate with stockings, a staircase to do this with and time/energy to make these and these for everyone! I'm such a sucker for everything to do with red/white and candy canes...I saw these personalized M&M filled ornaments and I think I might have to add that to my to do list as well. Its hard to realize that Christmas is actually coming when we are still wearing shorts here in AZ....oh well!

Missing my Mom over the Holidays is really hard and one of the things that we used to do together was make plans to decorate the table. I have a lot of fun memories of pouring over magazines searching for the perfect centerpiece to re-create or trying to decide on which linens, candles and china to use. A special dessert was the same thing... I couldn't help but think of her when I saw the December of the Month Dessert in M.S. Magazine this year...Chocolate-Coconut Charlotte. I made something similar to this many years ago.... The Pistachio Charlotte that I slaved over for 2 days. I think Mom and Duane were the only ones who truely appreciated this labor of love... I found the cake plate that I gave her for her birthday one year in storage and I know that it needs to have an amazing dessert on it at some point this Holiday. Its been amazing, sad, challenging and dusty to go through the "stuff" in all of her storage boxes, but I've found some treasures in with all the trash to add to my "stuff".
I think that is enough "stuff" to talk about for one blog! Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2008

NASCAR Fall '08

Checkin' out the tools with Dad...
#17 was parked at Lowes (More tools...)

"Look Dad, It's Mac!"

#17 Show car...Jadon was in love!

It's True Love...Trucks and Tires!

Happy Birthday Powell

I'm still working on posting pictures from our trip to Havasu (and NASCAR and Tucson...) Anyways...here are a few pictures of a visit down to Powell's Bench.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I blogged about a story a few weeks ago that I've been following. Here is an update for anyone who is interested. Jaimee Rose wrote the most touching article that was published last Sunday in the Arizona Republic. Here is the link A Sister is Held Closer I'm thankful for the friends in my life who have been like sisters to me when I needed them! You KNOW who you are!!!

Last Saturday night there was a benefit concert held for the family. Their two daughters joined on the stage to sing a song for their Mom. Get this tissues...this is amazing! Golden Slumbers by Mindy Gledhill, Claire & Jane

Halloween '08

So...back in Sept. when Jadon was a bit sick and at the doctors, he grew quite fond of their "toys" His pediatrician casually suggested that he should be a doctor for Halloween...well that was it. Pretty much Jadon was dead set on being a Doctor for Halloween. I thought when he looked through the catalogs, he would go for Buzz Lightyear or something like that...no-way! So we found these super cute personalized scrubs that say "Dr. Jadon" and of course a jacket and accessories to go with. He didn't leave his hat or jacket on too long...it was so hot! Hello...Fall are you there?? Anyways...he looked so cute and we made a special visit to Daddy's office yesterday to show off his coustume too. He had a great time and it sure brought a big smile to Grandpa Doc's to see him all dressed up. We'll take donations at anytime for Jadon's Medical School Fund...

The Doctor and his Bubble Bee at their 1st house Halloween '08

Ready for work!

"My friends are ready for Halloween" quote from Jadon

Mom is making me eat a hot dog before I go trick or treating.... My geegu is on his way to Costa Rica for a week..."I want to go to Costa Rica" another quote from Jadon!

Dr. G and I are "thinking" about what to pick from the candy bowl (Jadon picks a gun!)
p.s. Dr. G delivered Jadon 2 1/2 yrs. ago!!!! Wow!!!

Remembering October...Trip To Lake Havasu

Trip to Havasu for Grandpa John & Ellen's Birthday Party! Tractor pictures deserve their own posting so we'll get to that next week.

Jadon at the London Bridge with Dad

Swing time during the party on Saturday

Future Race Car Driver?

Jadon's favorite "car" at the Rods & Relics's Car Show with Uncle Mark and Cousin Luke

Remembering October... (Part One)

O.k so seriously...I started off pretty good with the blogging thing and I have been slacking lately! We've been out of town, sick with an ear infection and well just really busy. Here is Part 1...Halloween is coming in Part 2 (I promise!) Here are some pictures from the rest of our Fall Break Adventures!

Amanda and Jadon on their 2nd roller coaster of the week (first one was at the Farm on Thursday but the camera ran out of batteries, so no pictures of that one. This one they got to do all by themselves at Encanto Park.

Riding the train together at Enchanted Island, Encanto Park

Thursday's Adventure... Schnepf Farms Train Rides, Airplane, Bubble Bee rides, Pig Races...

My swim school teacher, Teacher Otto at Hubbard Family Swim School (We love it there!)

Working on my backfloat with Teacher Otto!